Best-in-class signal processing.

PROCITEC develops technology and software to monitor and analyse wireless communication signals. Welcome to the HOUSE OF SIGNALS.

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An all-in-one tool: the full range of software-based signal processing.

go2signals is the only signal monitoring and analysis software package you need when it comes to communication intelligence and surveillance. If it’s a wireless signal, go2signals can process it and make it accessible to you in a user-friendly manner.

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Suitable for radio monitoring? Signal intelligence? Surveillance? ... Yes, yes and yes!

go2signals has sophisticated solutions for any field of application. Do you want to monitor and process all of the signals in a frequency spectrum? Save time and hassle – a single go2 tool is all you need. Do you want to make signal parameters and content available for further analysis and evaluation? Not a problem for go2.

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For civil and military applications. For users and system manufacturers.

Its flexibility makes go2signals a valuable asset in any sector that has anything to do with regulating and monitoring frequency ranges. It is used by the police, the Federal Border Guard, regulatory authorities, news broadcasters, civil authorities and the military (electronic warfare, communications electronic support measures and communications intelligence). However, the software is of interest to more than just direct users. Integrators also use universally compatible go2 modules as the built-in, functional core of their own system solutions.

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One flexible software package for unlimited custom solutions.

With its freely configurable modular design, go2SIGNALS has the modules to build the perfect solution to meet your needs. As comprehensive as you want and as complete as you need. Available as a highly mobile manpack, a semi-stationary solution or a multi-user system. go2SIGNALS proves its worth as a scaled solution in any environment, be it land, sea or air, and grows when you want it to. All go2 systems, be they stationary or portable, interact seamlessly with one another for the same operating concept and smooth data transmission.

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Customizing – simply have it done

We welcome the challenges of your custom signal processing solution. We know from years of project experience what it takes to use go2SIGNALS successfully. Use our expertise to make full use of your options. For example, let us help you design or integrate your solution or automate your individual work processes to save you time. Coordinating and working with you in person are of paramount importance here. After all, we cannot deliver a completely satisfactory solution if we do not understand exactly what you want. From the user to the operator to the purchaser, we speak to everyone involved to make sure that the solution meets all of your requirements. We listen and contribute our own ideas and then get to work once we know exactly what you want.

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We love all types of signal.

Our core expertise lies in the development of integrated software applications for communications intelligence, electronic warfare and spectrum monitoring. We develop signal processing solutions as OEM components for system integrators as well as standard products for groups of end users. Are you in need of tools to automatically detect, classify, demodulate and decode, manually analyse and monitor wireless communications? We provide products and integration-friendly system components for these specific applications.

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DSA 2024
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6. - 9. May 2024


AOC Europe
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EW LIVE 2024
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61st AOC International Symposium & Convention
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