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Are you an integrator with a finished solution and do you need signal processing or analysis functions to be part of your system? Then go2signals is the software for you. Its open interfaces make it quick and easy to integrate. Be it signal detection, modulation type classification, demodulation or decoding: Whatever you want to do, the software package go2signals has an enormous range of features and can be integrated into your solution as the processing core in its entirety or as individual components.

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Our scientific, technical and practical experts can show you how best to integrate go2signals with as little hassle as possible. So you can make optimal use of it in your system.


go2signals is modular by design, making it easy to scale and configure for your purpose.


Individual functional components are just as easy to integrate as an entire signal processing core.


Modular – configurable and adaptable to your application.


Open interfaces make it quick and easy to integrate into your system, with or without a GUI.


Underlying COTS hardware and two updates per year keep the investment costs low and future-proof.


go2signals consists of a graphical user interface and several functional components containing various signal processing and control components. They can be connected and controlled individually or as a combination through an open interface, with or without the go2signals GUI.

Demodulation / decoding

The demodulation and decoding of your content and metadata are the core of automatic communication signal processing. go2signals sets a few standards in this field:

  • More than 350 decoders currently available (civil, military, PMR/digital speech, SAT, analogue speech and Morse)
  • Easy to expand by integrating your own decoders
  • Decoders support automatic modem detection, demodulation, decoding and recording

Modulation / classification

The technical parameters of some communication signals vary dramatically. These can be used to separate interesting signals from less interesting ones. go2signals features an impressive range of modulation types combined with speed and precision:

  • Automatic measurement of all necessary modulation parameters such as modulation type, symbol rate, shift, version etc.
  • Wideband classification: Detection, segmentation and modulation type classification of all individual signals in an entire frequency band
  • Quick and direct classification of many transmission methods

Signal detection and tracking

The processing of communication signals begins with the detection and separation of signals and noise. go2signals is a reflection of our quality and years of experience in this field:

  • Automatic energy detection: Signal frequency and energy are used to detect the start and end of a signal
  • Wideband detection and segmentation: Detection and segmentation of entire frequency bands into individual signals
  • Detection of frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)

Automatic signal monitoring

Wideband signal processing processes lots of signals simultaneously. Using automated processing techniques, go2signals lowers operating costs while increasing the number of results at the same time.

  • Automatic processing of entire frequency bands during signal detection, classification and decoding
  • Completely autonomous processing and archiving of results
  • Batch file processing: Processing of lists of records and directory searches for new recorded signals
  • Automatic processing of decoded results: Extraction of metadata and log information

Additional functions

A number of different functions are needed to control and monitor frequency ranges. Alongside the core functions, our customers value the varied possibilities promised by go2signals:

  • Save and edit results
  • Integration of the customer’s own decoders
  • Narrowband and wideband signal recording
  • GUI available
  • Functions integrated as a back-end process
  • Compatible with standard hardware

Product expansions

The go2signals product range features lots of expansions to suit your specific preferences and requirements:

  • Modulations and signal analysis with go2decode
  • Decoder development with go2decode Professional
  • Signal generation with SOMO
  • Bit stream analysis with go2analyse
go2signals Monitoring Suite for integrators

Every single one of our projects has received the seal of approval from our customers.

go2SIGNALS – As individual as your needs

Do you want to integrate your own additional functions? Develop and integrate your own decoder? Configure and control receivers? Not a problem thanks to Python scripting and SQL programming.


  • Your expertise as a user is incorporated into go2signals – without you having to share it with third parties first. For maximum independence from the manufacturer.
  • You can adjust your system based on changing signal scenarios and applications to keep it useful in the long term.
  • You profit from a custom solution. You also profit from the advantages of a finished product that is ready for use straight out of the box and is optimised and updated on a regular basis (with two releases per year).

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