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Go2signals is the ultimate signal analysis software for detecting, classifying, and decoding a broad range of wireless communication signals.

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go2 signals

Our signal analysis software, designed for radio monitoring, communications intelligence, and electronic surveillance, covers the entire spectrum of software-based signal processing.

It automatically intercepts, detects, classifies, demodulates, and decodes signals, while also allowing for manual analysis and monitoring. The software's capabilities are used to intercept and monitor Frequencies and Signals of Interest in the RF spectrum, generating Indications and Warnings for situational awareness.

Additionally, go2signals provides all necessary features for signal analysis and monitoring, including the capturing of signal parameters, meta-information, and content.

  • High flexibility, meeting current tactical and strategic requirements
  • Over 350 decoders, the best in the market
  • Fast delivery, ready for installation
  • Compatible with standard COTS hardware devices
  • Continuously improving and evolving
  • 20 years of serving customers

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What can go2signals Signal Analysis Software do for you?

Monitoring Capabilities

With go2signals software, you have a comprehensive set of capabilities for processing communication signals at your fingertips. The software provides a central platform to gather a complete understanding of all signals received, covering the frequency range from SLF to SHF and specializing in the HF and VUHF frequency domains.

  • Radio Monitoring with go2signals - monitor entire frequency bands and automatically detect, intercept, classify, demodulate, and decode hundreds of signals simultaneously.
  • Data Acquisition & Collection
    • Complex digital I/Q signals through streaming or receiver
    • Digital IF/AF recordings
  • Easily connect with receivers through existing drivers or open interfaces, such as ExtlO or VITA 49

Automatic Signal Search Monitoring

go2signals software offers a fully automated solution for monitoring signals. The tool performs detection, modulation classification, recognition, and decoding of radio signal emissions in a job-based manner. Used in conjunction with wideband monitoring receivers, go2signals provides a comprehensive feature set.

Classified signal activities are analyzed and technical parameters are determined. The software automatically analyzes received signals, records and demodulates them to live audio, and decodes the transmitted information. All analysis results and data are stored in the software's database.

  • Automatically monitor complex signals scenarios over a broad range of frequencies
  • Identify Signals Of Interest (SOI) faster and react more quickly
  • Save time through the automation of processing chains
  • Optimize operator workload by focusing on new and unidentified emissions.

Multichannel Processing

Multichannel processing enables confident handling of wideband signal input bands, with the ability to process multiple signals simultaneously. The number of processing channels can be increased to several hundreds, allowing the software to automatically demodulate and decode hundreds of signals in parallel.

Each processing channel offers full processing features, including classification, recording, demodulation, and decoding. With multichannel processing, no signals are lost, even in highly occupied frequency bands. The go2signals software has a large decoder library, including 35 different demodulators and over 200 decoders supporting more than 350 modem types.

New features and decoders are added with each release to keep up with changing signals.

Manual and Automatic Modes

You are free to choose between manual and automatic operation: whether manual signal processing and rapid analysis of a single signal, or fully automatic search, intercept, and processing of signals. go2signals supports different processing modes to meet user needs, including live monitoring, offline processing of results, fully automatic processing, manual control, or a combination of these.

  • Control missions and tasks using operator-defined prioritization
  • Define tasks and plan missions, including setting triggers and start/stop criteria
  • Alert based on signal events (pop-up display)
  • Schedule routine tasks for automatic execution at user-defined intervals
  • Automatically process large customer-derived signal recording libraries (mass file data) with Bulk File Processing


The internal results database stores all results, meta-data, content, and recordings from "Detection and Classification" and "Multichannel Processing". Automatic post-processing scripts, whether specific to the modem or the protocol, extract important information from decoded text, such as sender and recipient IDs or position data. To work on analysis results, the go2signals software includes the ResultViewer, a special tool for filtering, displaying, replaying, tagging, structuring, editing, combining, and exporting results to help build the big picture.

  • View results from multiple production channels, including recorded I/Q data, demodulated audio files
  • Keep track of progress: use the offline spectrogram to navigate quickly through recorded signal scenarios.


In addition to real-time decoding and demodulation of relevant signals, it is crucial to keep a record of new or previously unknown signals for more in-depth analysis using signal analysis software offline. The recordings can be scrutinized, and decoders can be developed or customer-created decoders installed to improve the software's automatic performance.

  • Capture I/Q data from both wideband inputs and narrowband channels simultaneously, and record both demodulated and decoded audio.
  • Make lossless recordings for documentation or further processing purposes.
  • Stay organized: quickly navigate through recorded signals using the offline spectrogram.
  • Radio Monitoring Software

    Monitoring – Go2signals Radio Monitoring Software - monitor an enormous bandwidth and find, detect and process signals automatically.

  • Signal Analysis Software - Monitoring

    Monitoring – Automatic signal search – Monitor the entire signal scenario in a wideband frequency range automatically 

  • Signal Analysis Software - Operate Communication Intelligence filter for Signals of Interest SOI

    Monitoring  Automatic signal search – Save time by automating processing chains and focus on the signal content
    - Operate Communication Intelligence, filter for Signals of Interest (SOI)

  • go2signals - Get Signal Processing results for Detection Classification and from Decoder

    Monitoring  Multichannel Processing – Get quick overview of production channels results with user-friendly filters and sorting tools - Get Signal Processing results for Detection, Classification and from Decoding

  • go2signals - results from signal processing

    Monitoring  Multichannel Processing – View results from multiple production channels like recorded I/Q data, demodulated audio, decoded content etc.

Analysis capabilities 

Our go2signals Signal Analysis Software aids in the identification of new and unknown signals by creating new classifiers and decoders. These can be imported into the go2signals monitoring process to enhance its signal processing abilities.

  • Analyze signals more easily with all signal analysis tools and decoder development located in one place
  • Makes signal parameters and data accessible for further analysis and research
  • In-depth signal analysis: Analyzes bit streams
  • Ability to build customer-specific decoders and classifiers
  • Simulate signals for testing and training
  • Multiple optimized displays for parameter measurement


Modulation Analysis via the Signal Analyzer user interface

go2signals modulation analysis tools are used to measure technical parameters of unidentified signals and determine new modem and signaling types. Signal Analyzer is the latest addition to our modulation analysis toolkit.

It offers both manual and automated modulation analysis via an intuitive user interface, enabling you to analyze modulation quality the way you want to. The aim of Signal Analyzer is to provide spectrum monitoring operators with an easier and quicker way to handle unknown signals and integrate them into go2signals’ automated signal production process.

 Signal Analyzer also includes the Modulation Classifier, a feature found in other go2signals products, to speed up analysis by providing an initial impression of the modulation or confirming user measurements.

Signal Analyzer has specialized analysis sets, such as periodicity analysis for signals with periodic behavior, and even complex signal analysis like OFDM (optional) is made simple with features like Tu/Ts duration measurement or scatter displays for amplitude and phase over time and carriers.

Key Features and Benefits of these signal analyzers include:

  • Makes modulation analysis fast and accurate via an intuitive user interface
  • Automates typical analysis steps for quick signal measurement
  • User-friendly interface with prepared analysis windows and all necessary analysis methods
  • Supports both experts and those new to modulation analysis
  • Detailed measurements and signal analysis made simple with configurable display parameters and cursors.

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  • go2signals - Signal analysis for SOI using FSK Modulation

    Analysis – Simplify the analysis process with a specialized toolset including classification and preset modulation-specific measurements for windows, e.g. Signal analysis for SOI using FSK Modulation

  • Signal analysis for SOI using FSK Modulation

    Analysis – Measure signal-specific parameters such as modulation type, symbol rate shift, etc., e.g. Signal analysis for short, bursted SOI using PSK Modulation

  • go2signals - short bursted SOI using PSK Modulation

    Analysis – The toolset including classification and preset modulation-specific measurement windows, e.g. signal analysis for signals of interest with PSK modulation, facilitates the analysis process

  • Signal Analysis Software - short bursted SOI using PSK Modulation

    Analysis – Determination of signal-related parameters such as symbol rate, modulation type, shift, etc., e.g. signal analysis for signal of interest with PSK modulation and short burst length

  • Automated Signal Analysis using integrated Modulation Classifier

    Analysis – Simplify the analysis process with go2signals automated signal analysis using integrated Modulation Classifier

  • Signal analysis for SOI using OFDM Modulation

    Analysis – Choose from various analysis and processing methods (demodulation, waterfall, spectrum, histogram, autocorrelation, constellation, scatter,  etc.), e.g. Signal analysis for SOI using OFDM Modulation

  • go2signals - Signal analysis for SOI using OFDM Modulation

    Analysis – Measure signal-specific parameters such as modulation type, symbol rate, shift, etc., e.g. Signal analysis for SOI using OFDM Modulation

  • Signal Analysis Software - Signal analysis for SOI using OFDM Modulation

    Analysis – Determination of technical signal parameters such as modulation type, shift, symbol rate, etc. here on the example of an OFDM signal.

  • Signal Analysis Software - Signal analysis for SOI analyses

    Analysis  Bit Stream Analysis – Analyze unknown SOI, determine the modern type by autocorrelation and periodicity in the demodulated data

  • go2signals - Signal analysis for SOI analyses

    Analysis  Bit Stream Analysis – Testing of unknown signals of interest by defining bit patterns in burst transmissions the modem type can be determined.

  • Signal analysis for SOI analyses

    Analysis – Analyze unknown SOI, use Hell display to demodulate and visualize HF-FAX transmission

  • Analysis - Signal generation

    Analysis  Signal generation – Simulate full broadband scenarios with different modulation types and parameters and modems signals for testing and training

  • Signal Analyse Software - flexibility

    Analysis  Decoder Development – React to new or changing signals with flexibility. Build your own decoders using go2signals Python-based decoder development environment.

Bit Stream Analysis

After analysis with Signal Analyzer and demodulation with go2DECODE, bit stream analysis is often the next step. Visualize, process, and analyze bit streams (from the unknown data stream to the decoder) using go2signals’ user-friendly Bit Viewer Tool. This tool provides all the necessary information for offline analysis, editing, and processing of radio communication bit streams and helps to understand coding behavior. Analysts are free to use the analysis results to create their own decoders, so unidentified signals, modems, and protocols remain unknown no longer.

  • Simplify the signal analysis process with smart measurement, search, manipulation, and logic functions.
  • Different views of bits or results of analysis functions make signal analysis easier
  • Forensic analysis and demodulated data signal measurements at the bit stream level are also possible


Signal Generation

go2signals includes a software tool that generates modulated signals. This is ideal for operator training, simulating signal and operational scenarios, comparing signals when analyzing unidentified signals, and testing software and hardware devices. The signal generator produces a wide range of modulation types and modulator parameters such as frequency, symbol rate, pulse shape, and burst length can be adjusted to meet specific needs. The coding scheme of the signal can be modified, and the text or bit pattern used can be edited. The tool can also generate complex test signal scenarios with many different signals in parallel and channel simulation, which can be saved and reloaded.

  • You can simulate full broadband scenarios with various modulation types and parameters
  • Instrument for generating signals for testing and training
  • Perfect tool for training operators in communications surveillance and developing skills in data signal analysis and exploitation.


Developing Decoders

Stay ahead of new or evolving signals with ease. Develop new decoders, integrate existing ones, or modify existing decoders to suit your needs. The go2signals decoder library includes decoders written in pyDDL, and the source code is often provided. The Decoder Development Environment offers full software development capabilities, including code editing, analysis, testing, and more. Benefit from the user-friendly pyDDL language used as the decoder description language, and multiple built-in support tools. Export your custom decoders to other go2signals platforms and safeguard your decoder expertise.

  • Stay ahead of new or evolving signals with ease. Create custom decoders using the go2signals Python-based decoder development environment.
  • Incorporate personal knowledge into customer-specific decoders.


Advantages of go2signals – a truly comprehensive Signal Analysis solution

Our go2signals software provides everything you need for searching, monitoring, processing, and analyzing radio signals. It boasts a user-friendly interface, diverse test instruments, and a virtually unlimited number of customization options, making it the ideal software for both customers and system integrators. Whether you're dealing with the HF or V/UHF frequency domain, go2signals is flexible and can be adapted to meet any requirement.

Flexible and customizable

go2signals is ready to use right out of the box, but it also offers numerous options for customization and optimization. No matter the intended use or number of users, the software can be adapted to suit your needs. You can:

  • Connect your own hardware device
  • Customize the automatic signal workflow
  • Customize the result output
  • Easily integrate the system into your setup

Try go2signals with a trial license and see for yourself.

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Modular and scalable

go2signals can be used as a complete or modular system and can be scaled to meet changing requirements. You have the flexibility to configure the following aspects as needed:

  • Number of channels
  • Bandwidth
  • Decoder setup
  • Level of automation

For example, the Memory Step and Memory Scan features allow for automated band stepping and sweeping capabilities, even on smaller, lighter, low-power hardware platforms like laptops, saving you time and money.


go2signals is extremely flexible, allowing you to choose any hardware you like. The software is compatible with COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) hardware and doesn't require any special digital signal processing units.

Easy integration

go2signals comes with a well-documented and easy-to-understand API, making implementation a breeze.


With two software updates per year, go2signals stays up-to-date with the constant changes in the world of signals, ensuring you and your customers are always prepared.


You only pay for the modules you need, making go2signals efficient and cost-effective.

Summary of benefits

  • Over 350 decoders, the best in the market
  • Highly flexible, designed to meet current tactical and strategic requirements
  • Fast delivery, ready for installation right out of the box
  • Designed for and compatible with standard COTS hardware devices
  • Continuously improving and evolving
  •  Serving our customers for over 20 years

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What are signal analyzers?

Signal analyzers are electronic test and measurement instruments used to analyze and measure various characteristics like amplitude, frequency, phase, distortion, noise, and modulation of electrical signals. These instruments are used to measure different types of signals such as analog or digital signals.

What is a vector signal analysis software?

A vector signal analysis software is ideal for evaluating wireless signals and is computer-based, supporting multiple hardware measurement platforms, including spectrum analyzer software.

What is spectrum analyzer software?

Spectrum analyzer software helps engineers visualize, measure, test and analyze the frequency domain characteristics of evolving signals.

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