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go2signals covers the full spectrum of software-based signal processing. From SLF to SHF, it specialises in HF and V/UHF signals. As the software is modular, freely configurable and universally scalable, it can be adapted to meet your exact needs.

  • Functional (signal searching, monitoring, signal processing or analysis)

  • Application-specific (be it monitoring the electromagnetic spectrum for FOIs and SOIs, monitoring or indication and threat warning)

  • Land, sea or air

  • Available as a manpack, a semi-stationary solution or a multi-user system

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as go2SIGNALS is modular, it can fully integrate into other systems or individual function blocks without issue.

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go2signals is the solution you need to find, detect and process signals. You can monitor an enormous bandwidth and interact with lots of channels simultaneously.


  • Find SOIs faster and react more quickly
  • Save time by automating processing chains and focus on the signal content
  • Monitor frequency bands, stay on track
  • Save time and system resources

Automatic signal search

Automatic Signal Search

  • Detect, search for and process signals automatically and job-based
  • Monitor the entire signal scenario in one frequency range automatically (SLF to SHF, specialized in HF and VUHF)
  • Signal activity is classified, technical parameters are set and the results are stored in a database
  • Overview of results with user-friendly filters and sorting tools
  • Continuous/snapshot wideband and narrowband modulation classifier
  • Modem classification with an extensive decoder library (MIL, PMR, SAT)

Multichannel processing

Multichannel Processing

  • Handle wideband signal input bands with confidence: automatically process lots of signals simultaneously
  • Increase the number of processing channels to several hundred (internal software DDCs or external handoff receivers)
  • Increase performance:  processing faster than in real time (offline)
  • Monitor hundreds of signals simultaneously without loss trough buffering
  • Extensive decoder library (MIL/PMR/SAT)

Signal recording

Signal Recording

  • Record I/Q data from wideband inputs and narrowband channels in parallel and record demodulated and decoded audio content
  • Control the start and end of recordings through the user-friendly GUI (manually or automated)
  • Generate loss-free recordings as the finished product, for documentation or for further processing
  • Make use of powerful search tools, filters and sorting options
  • Never lose track: navigate through recorded signal scenarios quickly and easily with the offline spectrogram



Want to find SOIs faster? Do you want to make signal parameters and content available for further analysis and evaluation? Analyse bit streams and develop your own decoders? Simulate signals for testing and training purposes? go2signals makes it easy.


  • All analysis and decoder development tools in a single toolbox
  • If your SOIs change, your signal processing solution will adapt
  • Your expertise flows straight into the application, no knowledge transfers to third parties

Decoder development

Decoder Development

  • React to new or changing signals with flexibility
  • Utilise a full decoder development environment with an integrated debugger
  • Build your own demodulators and decoders, adapt pre-existing decoders from the go2 library or incorporate your own
  • Take advantage of the easy-to-learn decoder description language (DDL/pyDDL) and numerous built-in support tools
  • Export your new or adapted decoders to other go2signals applications and protect your decoder expertise

Signal generation

Signal generation

  • Generate signals with various modulation types and your own signal parameters
  • Generate signals to meet your own needs, be it to train users or conduct tests and analyses
  • Benefit from a wide range of options: complex signal scenarios with lots of signals in parallel and channel simulation, multi-channel signals with up to 64 channels, burst signals, generator bandwidth of 20/40 kHz in online operation
  • Work with variable coding standards, a configurable noise level and HF channel simulation
  • Meet specific requirements: Tune the modulation parameters freely and use COTS hardware, sound cards or audio files for the output

Manual setting

Manual setting of technical signal parameters

  • Analyse unknown signals, determine their modulation type and content
  • Set signal-specific parameters such as modulation type, symbol rate and shift
  • Simplify the analysis process with a variety of technical resources including classification and preset modulation-specific measurement windows
  • Choose from various analysis and processing methods (binary, Hell and I/Q representation, histograms etc.)

Bit stream analysis

Bit stream analysis

  • Visualise, process and analyse bit streams (from the unknown data stream to the decoder)
  • Simplify the analysis process with smart measurement, search, manipulation and logic functions
  • Create your own functions to perform tasks such as analysing and decoding unknown CRC polynomials
  • Excellent user friendliness: simply save, reject, add or overwrite individual analysis steps
  • The entire work flow is documented and can be reproduced at any time, even individual steps



Scalable and configurable, go2signals has exactly the features and performance you need. Whether it’s a highly mobile manpack, a semi-stationary solution or a multi-user system, it is a valuable asset in any environment. You can even use the universally compatible go2 modules as the built-in, functional core of your own system solutions.


  • Optimal integration options
  • Full customisation options
  • Maximum investment security
  • Free selection of COTS hardware



  • You can use go2signals features as modules or built-in as  functional core
  • Its scalable design allows your solution to grow from a tactical, mobile configuration to a stationary, multi-user system
  • Increase the number of channels, bandwidth, decoder scope and functions
  • Adapt your system solution with ease and full flexibility at any time if the requirements change
  • Profit from long-term investment security



  • Meet individual user requirements and create tailored manual or fully automatic set-ups
  • Implement customer-specific adjustments and customisations with ease
  • Adapt go2signals functions and processes to your work flow
  • Program your own automated processes with Python scripting
  • Develop your own decoders or integrate the customer’s own ones, regardless of the developer
  • Avoid the need for you and your customer to invest more money

Open interfaces

Open interfaces

  • Avoid the costs and risks of developing your own decoding software
  • With its powerful TCP-based control interface, go2signals has all the necessary functions for quick and easy integration and application
  • ICD, APIs and training make integration even easier
  • Detailed interface documentation is included
  • Integrate your own receiver hardware with the receiver integration framework
  • Market your system faster and at a lower price with go2signals

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go2signals from PROCITEC – The signal processing specialist

PROCITEC GmbH has poured more than 20 years of expertise into go2signals. As a centre of excellence in signal analysis and monitoring, we are committed to outstanding software quality and performance as well as user-friendliness and efficiency. With this balance of modern technology and practicality, we have grown not into an established medium-sized enterprise, but rather a leading global heavyweight in the sector.


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