A passion for and understanding of Radio communications

When it comes to signal analysis and monitoring, it’s not enough to just be good. You have to stay that way as radio communications are developing rapidly. Over the course of 20 years, PROCITEC GmbH has become a global leader in the sector. Our customers profit from our innovative technological approaches, regular updates and dynamic product development. We are passionate about supplying you with the very best:

  • Impeccable service quality confirmed by JOSCAR
  • Top-class quality management certified under ISO 9001
  • Practical suitability and future security verified by the Quality Seal Software Made in Germany
  • Efficient export handling due to European AEO and German Customs authorisation
  • Excellent network within the PLATH Group

That being said, our close ties with our customers are what really define our quality. We create solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements. From single-user installations to complex radio monitoring systems with several hundred processing channels, they all have one thing in common: we will still be there to help you after you start using our products. With training, support and commitment.contact us

We’ll listen. We’ll contribute.
And we’ll get to work once we know exactly what you want.

We have always been innovative and future-proof.

From the outset, we have aimed to develop quality, innovative and reliable software to provide our customers with real additional value. That’s why PROCITEC GmbH has grown into a global leader in the sector over more than 20 years and regularly reaches technological milestones.

  • 1999Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Michael Brenk and PLATH GmbH found PROCITEC based in Pforzheim
  • 2000 Universal demodulator and analysis environment
  • 2003 Automatic method detection based on PROCITEC’s ‘revolver principle’
  • 2009 BCU wideband classification system
  • 2011 OFDM demodulator toolkit and Wi-Fi monitoring system
  • 2015 Introduction of the go2signals product line as system-independent, easy-to-integrate core functions for COMINT systems
  • 2018 Hopper Detection, 80 MHz Classification
  • 2021Optimization of the go2signals monitoring functionalities -
    for use on low-SWaP devices
  • Today Cutting-edge software programming with approx. 60 staff

We do exactly what you need.

We believe that high-quality software not only has to work perfectly, but also be as user-friendly as possible for every customer. That's why your individual requirements are crucial.
In order to meet them, we speak to everyone involved: we ask users about the intended application and the functions and performance characteristics they want, we talk to purchasers about deadlines and quality, we ask user representatives about reusability and future-proof status and we speak to operators about what they expect in terms of performance, maintainability and migration options.

Our close ties with our customers have helped our team build up expertise, an understanding for systems and experience with integration – and these grow with every passing day. We can now rely on the life-long expertise of several founding engineers. At the same time, we also have young colleagues who have come straight from university and we give our own lectures. Living expertise from which our customers profit directly.

We can’t do everything. But we can make almost everything possible.

We are the signal processing experts. Our software can be used for a wide range of applications and is also available as back-end and OEM components. We can fulfil almost any customer specifications in our field of expertise.That being said, we can also help you in related fields: We work with institutions or our partners from the PLATH Group to give you access to global services.

PROCITEC is a member of the PLATH Group since 1999. The PLATH Group is a family-owned group of companies headquartered in Hamburg. It supplies the market with products, systems and services for data-driven crisis prevention. More information at www.plathgroup.com.

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